Revolutionizing the Personal Mobile Experience

Changing the landscape of mobile through dynamic-live experiences,
one screen at a time.

An accessible programming platform that eliminates the need for messy, traditional code.

A breakthrough formula that significantly simplifies the creation of
Complete User Interfaces & Components for Android devices.

  • Branded lock screens
  • Home screens
  • Custom dialers
  • Address-Books
  • Messaging
  • Realtime group-cast
  • Communications
  • Static experiences are the past. Dynamic experiences are the future

    Foneclay helps agencies, brands, enterprises, and consumers turn a wide variety of media
    into dynamic and interactive mobile interfaces

    Through uniquely engineered dynamic user interfaces, new opportunities lie for strengthening the relationship between brands and fans.
    Technologies that rapidly deploy mobile projects and position agencies as innovators while advancing brand experiences to unprecedented levels.
    Transform mobile devices into distinctive, custom-tailored enterprise interfaces to improve work experience and communication efficiency.
    The power of our proprietary technologies are also made for consumers to enjoy. Check out our Wallfeed application available for download today.
    See how we change the mobile experience

    Foneclay is disruptive software that redefines today’s mobile landscape through dynamic user experiences. Featuring complete back-end control, Foneclay is a dream for today’s leading brands, developers, chipset companies, OEM/ODMs, operators and enterprise companies.

    Through Foneclay's technology, mobile devices are transformed into a new dimension for the consumer and the brand, allowing both to distinctively express their unique identities through Dynamic User Experiences.

    A breakthrough formula, Foneclay significantly simplifies the creation of Complete User Interfaces & Components for Android devices.

    Branded Lock Screens
    Home Screens, Custom
    Realtime Group-Cast

    Spin Media Legs ARTas1 GTV FastForward Digital
    Xperia Lava Haier Axiom Zen Micromax
    MTS Airtel
    Enter a new era of personalization
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